First Quarter Calendar 2016

Be sure and check back with us, the 2016 first quarter calendar of events will be posted in the next few days.



Calendar Updates

Summer Camp –
** Leave Asbury Church at 2:00 pm Sunday 6/28, please arrive 15 mins early
** Return will be 10-11 am Saturday 7/4

July 6 –
** Changed to PLC night, all new Troop Leaders and Patrol Leaders should be here to plan August activities

July 13
** Changed to No Meeting



– Medical Forms are due for camp, if you don’t turn in a medical form, you cannot go to camp.
– Fees are due and will be collected at the Court of Honor on 6/22
– Court of Honor is pot luck, everyone is expected to bring a dish, moms, this is a great opportunity for your scout to help you cook.
– In addition to the main dish, patrols are assigned the following:
* Da Bobs – Plates & Cups
* Flying Squirrels – 2 Liters
* Scorpions – Dessert
* Flaming Waffle Ninjas – 2 Liters

Hike Confirmed

We will have a Day Hike on 6/14.  Hike will be in the Hot Springs Area.  ~4 miles

Will leave Asbury Church at 1:00 pm

Will Rtn to Asbury Church at 6:00 pm

Please eat prior to arriving and bring snacks for the afternoon with your normal day pack.  DON’T forget your rain coat!!


Calendar of Events



Forms Updated

The following forms have been updated to the latest version:


March and April Calendars

Mar-April 2015

Important Schedule Change:

The Ski Trip has been postponed until 2/28/2015.

Ski Trip

Troop 94 Ski Trip – February 21st, 2015


Leave Asbury U.M.C. 6:30 A.M.

Return to Asbury 10:00 P.M.



Ski – $45.20

Snowboarding – $49.70

 Cost covers: slope tickets, helmets, rental equipment, gas, and one hour lesson.


Scouts need to bring money for lunch and dinner ($20 – $25).

 All FAMILY members are welcomed to come along with us.