Monthly Activites Plan for 2012

Here is the plan for 2012 monthly troop activities. This plan is tentative and subject to change. Dates and details of activities will be announced through the monthly activities calendars.

  • January: Skiing/Snowboarding
  • February: Hiking and Trail Maintenance
  • March: Backpacking
  • April: District Spring Camporee
  • May: Bike Ride
  • June: Smokies Campout and Go-Karts
  • July: Summer Camp, July 1-7, Camp Davy Crockett
  • August: Patriot’s Point, Charleston, South Carolina
  • September: Torrent Falls Climbing Adventue, Kentucky
  • October: District Fall Camporee
  • November: Troop COPE and Rappelling
  • December: (none)