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Creeper Trail Ride and Campout, May 19-20, 2012

We are planning a ride on the Virginia Creeper Trail and camping in May. Here are all the details.

2012-05 Creeper Trail

Troop Backpacking Trip, Nov 5-6, 2011

Here is a handout with details on the backpacking trip coming up. If you are going backpacking, be sure to be at the Oct 31 troop meeting or call Mr. S. to confirm.

2011-11 Backpacking

Wildernesss Survival Weekend and Personal Survival Kit Contest

Guys, here are flyers on our upcoming Wilderness Survival weekend and the contest we’re having to make a personal survival kit:

2011-03-26 Wilderness Survival Weekend

2011-03-21 Survival Kit Contest

Nine Commandments of Bicycle Safety

Our Cycling Merit Badge class is underway now, and with two rides under our belt we’re doing well. A key focus of our class is learning to ride safely in traffic. Bikeboy has a list of Nine Commandments of Bicycle Safety that are great for all of us to follow:

1. ALWAYS RIDE ON THE RIGHT. Go with the flow of traffic, never against it.

2. BE PREDICTABLE. Maintain a straight line, change direction without swerving, and use hand signals when turning.

3. OBEY ALL TRAFFIC LAWS. If you want to be safe in traffic, … Continue Reading

Cycling Merit Badge Class Starting

Guys, we’re starting a Cycling Merit Badge Class this month. See the attached flyer for details.


Details for Backpacking Trip, March 20-21

For those signed up to go backpacking this weekend:

  • We will leave from Asbury at 9:00 am sharp on Saturday. Eat breakfast first and be ready to go with all your gear packed. Leave room in your pack for a share of the troop equipment and food
  • We will return to Asbury approximately 12:30 pm on Sunday.
  • Make sure you are prepared!  Bring rain gear and appropriate clothing for the weather (layers). If you have any questions, call Mr. Showalter or Mr. Miller before Saturday.

Troop Ski Trip planned for Feb 28, 2010

Guys, the skiing/snowboarding trip to Appalachian Ski Mountain is on for Sunday, Feb. 28 and will be led by Mr. Miller. Signups are due by Monday, Feb 22 at the troop meeting. You must call Mr. Miller if you wish to sign up after this date.


  • Cost is $38 for skiing or $50 for snowboarding, plus a fuel charge (estimate $4)
  • Depart from Asbury parking lot at 6:00am and return approximately 7:30pm
  • Bring money for lunch and supper (about $15)

Snowboarders will need wrist guards; no exceptions. More information will be available at the troop meeting.

Appalachian Ski Mountain Flyer

How do you identify and treat hypothermia?

From Outside Online magazine: How do you identify and treat hypothermia?

To Build a Fire

As we move into winter and think about being prepared in the wilderness, I’m reminded of the 1908 short story by Jack London, “To Build a Fire.” Everyone who goes into the back country during winter should read this tale.

To Build a Fire